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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 9:14 pm

This is how it works here at Rs2cheating:
- Users will be given infractions when rules are broken.
- A user who receives 5 infractions will receive a temporary 3 day ban
- A user who receives 7 infractions will receive a temporary 7 day ban.
- Infractions expire after 1 month.
- Users are permanently banned after multiple temporary bans when necessary.
- If you have been ranked and turn your back on the site u WILL be banned for 8 weeks.

Users can also be banned immediately for breaking the most serious rules.

Users will receive 1 infraction for the following:
- Spamming: (in general):
* Posting short, unhelpful comments (such as "cool", "nice acc," etc).
* Flooding a forum with replies for the sole purpose of increasing post count. This may also be a permanent forumban in certain forums, especially if deliberate.
* Posting comments with little to no relevance to the topic
* Incessantly bumping a topic to get it to the top of the forum. (Wait until the topic has died before bumping.)

- Accusing someone of scamming: without proof (text logs DO NOT COUNT AS PROOF)
- Begging: asking for free RS items, RS accounts (etc) or asking for a rank or modship on Rs2cheating
- Infraction Complaints: making a topic asking about one’s infraction, whining, asking for infraction removal, etc... anywhere except the Dispute Forum
- Trying to sell something that is free: for example, Rs2cheating’s old autos or some free bot. However, selling the method of how to acquire these items is permitted in the relevant forum.
- Trading auth codes: Auth codes from RSBots.net, autofighter and similar
- Oversized signature: Maximum of 350 pixels in height including all quotes/text/pictures in it and a maximum of 650 pixels in width with all text/quotes/pictures. If this offense is repeatedly broken, you will simply be banned from having a signature.
- Oversized avatar: Avatars have a maximum size of: 80x80 for users, 150x100 for staff and donators (width x height)
- Flaming: excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user
- Advertising MM services: in any place except the User Services and MiddleMan Application forums
- Referrals: posting referral links for sites, surveys, other games, etc. This includes sites such as Share-cash.

Users will be banned for 3 days for the following:
- Accrual (buildup) of 5 infractions

Users will be banned for 1 week for the following:
- Accrual (buildup) of 7 infractions

Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:
- *Warez: posting direct downloads to Warez, links of websites related to Warez - includes: posting full length motion pictures (movies) regardless of whether or not they are in theaters or on dvd, completed seasons of a television show (1-2 episodes due to comical reasons are permitted), shareware programs, cracked shareware programs, cracks/serials for shareware programs, etc...
- *Advertising: posting threads advertising sites - only allowed in personal signatures, advertising a business website (goldfarm sites) are not allowed in signatures or anywhere on the site unless you pay for a link. Email rs2cheating@admin.com if you want to purchase a link.
- *Porn: posting pictures, videos, links to websites related to porn, etc. The staff will decide what is porn. It is not for you to decide. Steer clear of posting anything which could be interpreted as porn.
- *Plagiarism: plagiarism (including the ripping of GFX and RS/User Ed Guides) results in a forumban from the pertinent forum as well as a one month ban the first time it happens.
- *Disclosure of others' personal information/etc.: you are entitled to disclose your own personal information, photographs, etc. in the appropriate places on the site, but posting information such as addresses, personal MSNs, photographs, etc. of other members without their permission will result in a 1 month ban.
- *Freezing MSN's: Freezing MSN's or owning bots that do this are strictly prohibited. If you are found to be freezing anybody (whether or not they are a Sythe.org member) you will be given a one month ban if it's a first time offense (or a permanent ban depending on the situation) and if you continue, a permanent ban.

* = If only posted/offended once. If posted/offended more than once, it's a permanent ban.

Users will be banned permanently for the following:

- Scamming: or any suspicious behavior similar to scamming (i.e. attempting to scam). This also includes:
*Impersonating other members, posting vouches for yourself with other accounts, and any other similar behavior.
*Impersonating ranks through the use of your signature
*Note: Counter-scamming isn't allowed either.
- Password Cracking: including the creation, help in creation, use, discussion, and/or distribution of crackers
- Posting infected files: keyloggers, viruses, trojans, etc...
- Account Sharing: only 1 user is allowed to use an account here at sythe.org
- Returning after a ban/Ban evading: If one of your accounts has been banned, and you return on another account, all of your accounts will be banned.
- Using viewing bots for your threads: This is not allowed and we can detect it. You will be permanently banned if you choose to use such a bot.

Additional Notes/Clauses:

- Staff reserve the right to ban or infract for any unconscionable act. The above rules and associated punishments only apply when the staff can reasonably judge that a user does not deserve some other, perhaps more severe form of punishment for any unconscionable act they might make on the forums.

- If your Rs2cheating acc or MSN account is hacked, and the hacker uses your account to scam materials from another member, you, as the account owner, are responsible for refunding those who were scammed by the hacker in order to be unbanned. Although the refuding generally results in an unban, this is at the staff's discretion.
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Forum Rules
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