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 [FREE FOR TESTING]AutoFighterPro RevampedVersion[Pre Release]

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PostSubject: [FREE FOR TESTING]AutoFighterPro RevampedVersion[Pre Release]   Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:05 pm

I know im loved Very Happy

pay me back with some Mill's? Laughing

This is the huge update I've been working on the past few weeks, this version will be free until most if not all bugs are ironed out. This version is a-lot more flexible then the last and performs faster with better logic. Currently some things like profile loading/saving are not compatible with older versions of AutoFighterPro, the paint is still in a beta stage and will be improved as time goes by. The online features are currently disabled and will be enabled in future official releases of revamped version. The breaking system is also untested, you with caution, if you succeed with the breaking feature please, shoot my a PM. The following features are not in effect right now, rotate compass, move mouse or check stats.

The slayer mode is in beta too, it will not be in the official version of of now but that could change, test while you can. To use it you must have a task with enchanted gem, or you can select the master you are using through the GUI.

Now that you get to use this for FREE, you will have to post all and any bug you come across, I would also appreciate suggestions, PLEASE no repeats. Bug reports MUST be posted here in this format... you can get settings used from the first log the script prints.
Code: [Select]
Suggestion or Bug report:
If bug report, what were the settings used:
Explanation of the suggestion or bug report:

Anyone can test this version, including people who do not have an AutoFighterPro auth for limited time. To start the script, there is an option at the top that says AutoFighterPro, click that and then click start. Make sure to check your settings before starting the bot, you will not be able to re-open the GUI in this version. Also note that profiles saved now are scheduled to change in later versions of the bot. If you have never used this bot before or are confused about some features of the script, there is a small FAQ that may contain some issues you are having, this FAQ will be updated weekly/daily if needed. Fighter FAQ

NOTE: All auth holders of the current AutoFighterPro WILL get this when the pre-release is over.

Post that do not relate to bug reports/suggestions or progress WILL be deleted.

Auth code: 703Xz3HHFAW8Q2U68F
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[FREE FOR TESTING]AutoFighterPro RevampedVersion[Pre Release]
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